Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Growing up

My kiddos are growing up....and it is making this momma very sad.  :(

Yes, I know that they are still not even in school yet and will have lots of other changes in the future, but I just keep noticing all of the little "baby" things that are already going away.

I posted a few weeks ago about Kenna and Baa and how Baa has found a new home.  He now sleeps in the drawer of her nightstand every night....she says it is his bed.

Well now Dane has given up sucking on his fingers.  I tried and tried and tried to get Dane to take a pacifier because I was so worried about how to break the finger habit.  I even blogged about it when he was just a few months old.  Once I got used to the fact that he was, for sure, going to be a finger sucker, it actually got kinda cute.  He would suck on his third and fourth fingers (always his right hand) and pat his nose with his index finger.  A few weeks ago, he sucked so hard that he sucked a blister onto his third finger.  And he was VERY upset with his "Owww".  He would walk up to anyone that would pay attention to show them his "oww".  He got a lot of dirt in it when he was playing outside so we kept a band aid on it for a few days.  And that was all it took to break the finger habit.  He has not put them in his mouth since....AT ALL!  I had been thinking that it was time to start working on the habit since he will be 2 in a few months, but I guess he had his own plans!  Which I guess I need to be thankful for :)

So now everything that my kids do that is cute in a little kid way is making me think "How much longer till this goes away?"  I am going to be sad when Dane really says yes instead of "law"  - don't ask how that means yes, it just does, and I love it.  And we are planning on signing Kenna up for preschool next year.

I am so glad that they are growing and learning as they are supposed to, but I am going to miss all of these fun phases...guess we will just have to have another one!

Thanks for letting me be a hormonal momma!