Monday, April 9, 2012

Kenna is 4!!!

Look who is 4!!  Kenna has been talking about turning 4 for WEEKS and couldn't wait
for her birthday.  I had to take a picture of her before she completely woke up this morning.  She was already asking if it was her birthday before she even had her eyes all the way open.  I can't believe she was once such a tiny little girl!

 Showing off her new age!
 And what birthday would be complete without cupcakes and candles with her friends at Ms Tara's!
 I think everyone else enjoyed it as well! :)

 Kenna was quite excited about opening some presents tonight.....

 .....but was a very sweet big sister who let her little brother help tear off some of the wrapping paper (and just in case you have read on facebook and are wondering, yes, the big box does have drums inside).
We actually had her birthday party two weeks ago when we were in Lubbock.  Both Kenna and Abbye had (separately) requested a Tinkerbell party for their 4th birthday so we decided to take advantage of the fact that we would have lots of family in the same area at the same time and did a dual party.
 My Tinkerbell!

 The girls had a blast with the huge sandbox at the restaurant where we had dinner....
 ....and a bounce house is always a hit!
 The girls had fun opening tons of presents and then we took turns singing Happy Birthday so they each had their own song and candles.

We had a great time and Kenna is still talking about how much fun her birthday party was "yesterday" (everything in the past is yesterday).

I love spending time with my precious little girl.  She has so much personality and is always full of life.  I cannot wait to see what the next year brings!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mommy/Daughter Date

Kenna and I took the time to go on a special date yesterday and left the boys at home.  We went to see the Disney on Ice production, Dare to Dream, at the American Airlines Center and had a BLAST! (The trailer on their website is a very good representation of the show....I thought it was a great production.)

 We didn't decide to go until after lunch on Sunday so our tickets were a little high, but Miss K still thought it was really "cool" and loved the purple ice!
 I let her choose one treat and she went straight for the cotton candy....She had a hard time deciding between staring at the show and putting the cotton candy in her mouth.  (That cotton candy was $12!!!)
 The show featured The Princess and the Frog, Cinderella, and Tangled.  They even had a Maximus...quite impressive when you remember that it was on ice skates.

 Kenna's favorite part was when Rapunzel and Flynn were flying through the air on her hair (a much better picture on their website).
I didn't take many pictures because I was too busy watching K watch the show.  She was so enthusiastic about everything....great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!