Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trouble Maker

Look at this face...doesn't he look so innocent!! Well, don't let the cute grin fool you. This little boy has become quite the trouble maker at Miss Tara's house. :0)
Two different days in the last week I have picked the kids up from day care and Kenna has been quick to inform me that Dane has been a "bad boy." The first day he kept knocking down all the castles that everyone was building with their blocks. The second day he had made a quick trip across the living room to the kitchen to try to steal a fish stick off the tray of Georgia's booster seat. She was not happy that Dane had her food! (Don't worry...Miss Tara quickly returned the food to its rightful owner).

Of course, this is what he does when Kenna tries to play with her puzzles and such...he gets right in the middle of I can't say that I am too surprised!! And so it begins.....Life with a Little Boy!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kenna Cooks!!!

Kenna got in the car Tuesday night and said that she wanted eggs for dinner. She very emphatically told me that she wanted eggs and cheese for dinner. Alrighty then!

When we got home, she told me that she wanted Daddy to help her cook eggs. Again, Alrighty then!!

Here are the pictures of Kenna (and Daddy) cooking dinner!!

Kenna was very into cracking the eggs so we let her crack 5...2 for daddy, 2 for mommy, and 1 for Miss K.

She got eggs on her finger and she wanted me to take a picture of her dirty fingers. :)

Gotta add some cheese!!
Do you see the piece of cheese on her chin? She sampled the cheese before adding it to the eggs.
Gotta taste the butter too!
She even dished up her own food...after picking out which plate she wanted to use!
Taste Test!
Yummy!! So yummy that she ended up eating ALL FIVE EGGS that we cooked. We would give her a little, she would scarf it down, and then ask for more.
Dane was perfectly content to sit and watch the proceedings and chew on his rice rusks. He LOVES them!

He tries to put several in his mouth at a time...haha!!
Kenna and Daddy both had a blast and I can see this happening many more times in the future!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Orleans Fun

I don't know what happened but I have become such a blog slacker this month! Don't worry, I will try to get caught up!

My wonderful husband let me play "mommy hooky" for a few days and I took off for New Orleans with three of the girls in my book club. (we were so sad that 3 others stayed home). We had SO MUCH FUN!!

When our plane landed, we checked into the hotel and then headed straight to Cafe Du Monde. What better way to start the trip than beignets and cafe au lait! (I must confess that this was not our only stop at this restaurant during the trip....yummo)
Emily, Mandy, and Krystal enjoying beignets.
We spent time walking around the French Market.
We took a carriage ride around the French Quarter.
We spent some time in Jackson Square....all in the first day!
We went to Bayona for dinner and it was AMAZING!
Look at the size (thickness) or my pork chop! And the desserts were to die for!

We started the next day with brunch at Brennan's....original home of Bananas of course that is what we had to order!

We then took the trolley over to the Garden district to tour some of the homes over there. They were gorgeous!

We had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with all these girls. It was great!
I really missed my kiddos but daddy did a great job watching them. I bought Kenna a Mardi Gras mask...what do you think?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Year 6

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary...

Wow! I can't believe that it has already been that long! I posted pictures of our wedding last year. I can honestly say that I love Daniel more and more every day and cannot imagine being married to a more perfect person for me. He is such a wonderful husband and father and I am ready to see what our next year together brings!

Love ya babe!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Eve Recap

Daniel and I were very excited to have a fun family filled game night on New Year's Eve. Almost the entire Boyd clan was in attendance and all brought their competitive spirits! After some foosball and ping-pong upstairs, the games moved down and got serious.

There was a cut-throat game of Uno....(Love this picture of Kenna sitting in Solomon's lap) ....a brain-teasing game of Trivial Pursuit (won by Josh).....

...and it all ended with a game of Apples to Apples involving all 13 people.
When the clock hit midnight, we celebrated with some party hats, noisemakers (which remarkably did not wake up my children), and sparkling cider.

Gerry and Ouida toasting the New Year.
We may have just started a new tradition!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010 in Review

Hold on to your hats, folks, this is a picture filled post!

Santa made an early delivery at our house the weekend before Christmas. Apparently he was not going to have room in his sleigh for Kenna's new play kitchen so he decided to drop it off a little early. Kenna didn't mind! It didn't take her long to start cooking away!

When we got to Muleshoe, we tried to take a picture of all of the cousins in front of the tree. I love how the girls are both trying to muscle their brothers into place.

Not too bad!

It did not take Kenna long to learn that she really liked opening presents!

Dane showing off one of his new outfits.

We were trying to keep Anson out of trouble! He kept trying to put all of the wrapping paper, tissue, etc into his mouth.
Kenna got a pink cowboy hat from Poppy - she keeps walking around, tipping her hat at everyone, "Howdy Partner!"

My precious little boy just scooted his way right over to all of the lights and presents. He is officially on the move! (And who could resist that grin!)

Christmas Eve means making cookies for Santa and my Mom had two little girls who were more than happy to help!

Rolling out the cookie dough.
Using the cookie cutters requires lots and lots of concentration!

Time to decorate...first the icing Now some sprinkles....And more sprinkles.... (She pretty much emptied the whole bottle)
I know this is a blurry picture and it is not even Kenna's most decorated cookie...just wanted to give you an idea of how many sprinkles she was putting on each cookie.
Mommy and Kenna decorating cookies for Santa.
There were sprinkles EVERYWHERE! Kenna's feet were stained (yes, stained) like this for 3 days. Milk and Cookies are all ready.
Santa Came!!!

Two little girls ready to see if Santa brought them any presents.

Kenna and Dane's must have been really good this year!!

Kenna got busy cooking right away.
Santa also remembered Kenna's sunglasses obsession and brought her some cool new shades.

Dane was very excited to have some actual new boy toys instead of his sister's leftovers!!

We had some sleepy kids on the way home! Of course, Kenna only slept about 45 min, but that is 45 min longer than she slept on the way there so she must have been worn out!!

Daniel was a master packer but I'm not sure we could have fit much more stuff in the back of the Commander.

Whew....I'm tired just thinking about it all again...and this doesn't even include the two Christmases at each of my grandparents (I didn't take any pictures)! What a GREAT Christmas we had!