Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekend Recap

My little family had a fun and busy weekend this past weekend! My cousin, Courtney, and her boyfriend, Tyler, came into town to join me in running the Rock n Roll Half Marathon. We met up Friday afternoon to pick up all our race packets and info. After touring around the exhibits and getting all of our goodies, we all went to eat dinner. Dane LOVED hanging out with Tyler. He kept looking at him and grinning. It was so cute! I didn't order Dane any food because I had brought some baby food with us....but my big boy seems to be getting tired of baby food and wants the real stuff! After polishing off a tub of mangos and then chowing down on cheerios and yogurt melts, he dove into Kenna's cheese quesadillas....and ate, and ate, and ate! He ended up eating more of her dinner than she did! Yea! They finally gave me some real food! I wonder how much of this I can put in my mouth at one time?
Something is going on over there, but I don't want to take this delicious food out of my mouth!
When Kenna saw me taking pictures of Dane and his food, she decided that she needed a picture with her quesadilla as well....but she wouldn't smile while she was doing it! :)

Daniel was going to have to work the day of the race and wasn't able to take off. Because I was going to be down in Dallas so early in the morning, Kenna and Dane had a cousin sleepover with JD and Meg. We all went to dinner together, and then while the guys were at the hockey game, Mandy and I put all of the kids to bed. It actually went better than I was anticipating - even if Miss K decided she needed to stay up until almost 10 whispering - but everybody slept all night and didn't wake up until after 7. I think I would call that at least a minor success!

The race was Sunday morning and was a lot of fun. My goal was to finish in under 2 hours and 30 min and I did it in 2.25 so I was pretty happy. I slowed down a lot more at the end then I had intended, but, I'll take it! It was a goal I had set at the beginning of January so it was nice to say that I had accomplished it! Too bad I didn't have a photographer so I don't really have any pictures.

After I picked up my children from their sleepover, we did some playing at home. Well, to be honest, Mommy mostly sat on the floor and kept the play going....not much moving from me at that point! Kenna was more than happy to smile for the camera that day!
Dane had a lot of fun laughing at his big sister....
....and trying to get the toys she kept holding right out of his reach....little stinker!
And then he saw the camera!
All in all, a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time to Catch-up

So once again I have been a blog slacker but I feel like I at least have a legitimate excuse this time...actually several good excuses!

The first is that Miss K has a new friend! We have tried several different times in the last year to potty train our little princess, but she wanted NOTHING to do with it. This time was a little different. I guess she really was "ready" because it took two days for her to figure it out. She loves her Elmo potty and is doing a great job. She has only had one accident in the last 3 weeks. We still put her in diapers at night because we haven't exactly mastered that part but I think that will be coming soon. She is dry 4 out of 5 nights so we are definitely headed in the right direction. Way to go Kenna!

Dane is now officially 10 months old and has been "celebrating" by eating and eating and eating. Kenna is very protective of her snacks because, if she lays them down, AT ALL, they are gone for good. Dane is like a little predator stalking his prey! :) He is cruising all over the living room - as long as he has something to hold on to - looking for lost snacks! He has the cheeks and thighs to prove it!

This past weekend, Daniel's grandparents from Colorado were here for a visit. Daniel shares his middle name with his grandfather and they have the same initials - the same ones we passed on the Dane. We had to take the opportunity to get a picture with the 3 DOBs. (I'm not sure why Dane wouldn't look at the camera).

I also like the picture of 4 generations of Boyd men.

Kenna and I missed out on all of the festivities of the weekend because she was running a fever and had a rash all weekend long. We did LOTS of cuddling on the couch and watched way more TV than normal. I am now very well educated in all of the antics of Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears (Thank you Netflix). Daniel took her to the doctor on Monday for her official diagnosis of Strep Throat/Scarlet Fever (yes, her PA mommy did call that one). I am very blessed to have really healthy kids - this is only her second stint on antibiotics. The downside to all that cuddling - she passed her illness on to Mommy - and passed it on to Daddy. Mimzi and Poppy bit the dust as well. That was one powerful strep bug! Thankfully little kids under 2 have a really don't get strep throat (Dane has been happy as a clam this whole time) and antibiotics work remarkably well on a confirmed case of strep! Everyone was pretty much back to 100% today....thank goodness!
So there you have it. The update that has been coming for a long time...sorry about that! I'll try to do better soon!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Only on Paper

From the moment that Kenna started using crayons, etc, Daniel has beat into her head the mantra of "you only color on paper." She will even tell you as she colors that you are only supposed to color on paper. And, up until Friday, she has always done exactly that.

Daniel wasn't quite home from work yet, Dane was sitting in the high chair finishing up his dinner, and Kenna Beth was enjoying her art work. She L.O.V.E.S. to color and paint. I was on call for the weekend and had already spent almost 20 min on the phone with a patient trying to explain what we were going to do to fix her broken knee cap and elbow. I guess that 15 min was about all the Kenna could handle of "being good while Mommy talks on the phone" and those last 5 minutes apparently just called out for self decoration.

She did a pretty good job.....

These pictures were taken after she was released from time-out when Daddy got home. I love the faces! She has already told me several times (and Mimzi on the phone) that from now on she will only color on paper.
I guess it was bound to happen, right?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Seeing Clearly

Dane got to make his first visit to the eye doctor today. For the last few months (actually, since we took pictures for our Christmas card), I have noticed - and had a few people mention - that Dane looks a little cross-eyed.

Here is the picture that started it all. I guess it looks like his left eye is turning in just a bit. I decided to mention it to our pediatrician when we went in for his 9 month check. He said that he didn't really think it was true strabismus but thought it had more to do with the fold of skin by his eye that made him appear to be cross-eyed. But he said he would rather have him checked out because, if it was in fact strabismus, it would only get worse.

So we made an appointment with a pedi ophthalmologist.

The doctor had some great toys that Dane really enjoyed focusing on....good way to do an eye exam on a 9 month old! He said that the measurements of Dane's eyes looked great and he thought that everything was good but wanted to do one more thing to check and see if he was far-sighted/near-sighted. The part that surprised me was that he wanted to dilate his eyes. I don't know why I didn't think about that! Dr. L said that everything was perfect and that Dane was exactly where he should be for his age. He said that Dane had pseudostrabismus - basically his eyes look a little crossed now because of having a "baby face" but that will get better and better as he grows. Thank goodness for good reports!!

After giving Dane a completely clean bill of health, we left the office with some stylin' sunglasses!

Don't you wish you could have some of these!?!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flying Solo

This past weekend, the kids and I flew out to visit my family. My cousin, Brooke, was having a baby shower on Sunday and I wanted to be there to help shower Brooke and her soon to arrive baby girl, Brodye Shea, with love! Daniel needed to stay home so the kids and I took to the friendly skies!

Kenna has actually flown several times and took her first plane ride when she was only 3 weeks old. The two of us have made the trip from Dallas to Lubbock several times. But this was the first trip for Senor Dane.....and that made it my first trip flying with both of my cute kiddos!

I was a little nervous about getting through security but the man in charge of our line was very helpful and made it a painless process. Dane just enjoyed riding in the stroller and looking at all of the new things! I kinda bribed Kenna with candy....that's can judge me now! I promised her that if she completely listened and obeyed Mommy then she could have some candy when we got on the plane. She clutched her prized possessions close to her heart!!
She was very excited about flying into "outer space."
Stroller picture fun while waiting to board the plane....

Airport self-portrait...
Kenna was very excited when our plane actually arrived...she wanted to climb right on!

Did you notice her choice of reading materials?

Saturday we had a blast just spending time with the family in Muleshoe. Apparently we wore Dane out! He was too tired to even lay all the way down!!
Kenna got to go on the slides with Aunt Kyla.....
....and play with "Howdy the cow" with Uncle Cade.
Brooke and Brodye had a great shower on Sunday and received lots of goodies, but, of course, I failed to take any pictures!

Now that we got one solo parent flight in the books, I don't think I will be too hesitant to do it again. I had fun with my two little chickadees!