Sunday, January 31, 2010

Picture Perch

Kenna has decided to redecorate part of our living room. She has removed everything on the bottom two shelves so she can sit and look at the pictures that go across the digital picture frame. She loves to tell us who is in all of the photos. We cannot convince her that every baby is not Abbye. Never mind the fact that Abbye is actually older than Kenna - in Kenna's mind, Abbye is the baby. :)
She stays very focused and I had a hard time getting her to turn around to smile at me...she went right back to looking at pictures! Looks like a pretty good perch to me!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

On the Mend

Kenna Beth finally seems to be on the mend. She is still taking her meds and doing her treatments, but, after her nap today, she seemed to be a little bit more like her normal self. I called home to check on her late this afternoon and Daniel was trying to keep her from climbing into her plastic shopping cart....yep, I think she is slowly getting back to normal!!

Of course, I had to take a picture of Kenna and her daddy snuggling in the chair before bedtime last night. (I love the look she is giving me....I bet I see a few more of those in the future!!)She has pretty much lived in pjs the last few days and, since we let her watch tv while she is doing her nebs, she has decided that she gets to be the one in charge of the remote control all the time.
I am so glad that she is starting to work her way back to normal! Thanks for thinking about us!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sick Little Girl

Kenna has finally succumbed to the cold and flu season. We have been very blessed to have an overall healthy little girl and Kenna has not had to take any antibiotics or anything other than a little Tylenol/Motrin in her 21 (almost 22) months of life.

Well about a week ago she started with a runny nose and a little cough. By Saturday evening, she also had some goopy eyes to go along with it, but she acted like she wasn't too bothered at all by her cold symptoms. Sunday evening she started running a low grade temp that just got higher on Monday. No one really slept in our house last night and we decided it was time to make a visit to the pediatrician....

He said that Kenna has bronchiolitis (most likely caused by RSV) and two ear infections. Poor baby!! They did a breathing treatment in the office, which she HATED, and then sent us home with a neb machine of our own to continue doing nebs at home. (I know that there are lots of kids who have to do nebs regularly). She actually did really well with it when we got home and she got to watch The Wiggles and Backyardigans while she was doing her neb.

So we have her medicine all lined up and ready to go and know that she will be on the mend really soon! Sick kiddos are really sad looking. Thank goodness that we don't have to do this very often!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

20 week sonogram

On Friday, Daniel, Kenna, and I got to see pictures of our newest addition. I don't think Kenna was as impressed with the sono as Daniel and I were....she just couldn't understand why she couldn't watch Wiggles on the TV. :)

Everything looked great and we loved getting to see our little boy (yes, it is still a boy!). Here are his little feet...he moved right when she took the picture, so one foot looks much larger than the other. This is a profile shot but he kept grabbing his feet with this hands...made it difficult to get a good picture! :)
I think that he was being a little shy. He kept his hands over his face the entire time!

We can't wait for Dane Oliver to arrive!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kenna Update

I haven't been very good about posting new pictures of my little princess...time for a few pics!

One of Kenna's Christmas presents was a brand new wagon. My parents had to bring it when the came for a short visit this weekend because it wouldn't fit in our car when we were coming back from the holiday break. Because Kenna hadn't seen it in a few weeks, she thought it was a brand new present. I am so glad that the weather has been nice the last few days. Miss K loves being outside and is loving her wagon!! (Of course, she has to take her "icy wawa" with her)

Kenna is also turning into quite the "little momma". She loves playing with her baby dolls and feeding them from the baby bottle. She is always feeding them chocolate milk. :) Today she decided that she needed to take her baby for a walk....
She also likes to rock her baby.....hopefully this is a sign of things to come when her baby brother makes his appearance in a few months!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

As I posted previously, Friday was our 5th wedding anniversary. It actually didn't start out as a very good day. :) Daniel was up almost all night the night before at work and I woke up to a heater that wasn't keeping up with the very frigid temperatures outside. I called Daniel and he said he would come home and check on it before taking Kenna to stay with his parent for the weekend. On his way home, the car blew some sort of manifold gasket cover (I know nothing about cars) and start spewing oil everywhere. Daniel had to call a tow truck to come get the car and his friend Brad came to pick him up (I was already at work). They came to the house to check on the heater - which had actually caught up and had the house a little warmer - and pick up Kenna's clothes for the weekend. Brad brought him by my work to pick up the jeep and then Daniel took Miss K for her weekend with Grandpa, Grandma, Mercy, and the boys. Once Daniel got home from his parents, he was able to rest a little before our previously planned 'date night.' Whew....what a morning!

We started the evening at a new steak restaurant in Allen called Bailey's Prime Plus. The food was really good and the service was excellent. When Daniel had called to make reservations, they asked if it was a special occasion....this is what we found when they took us to our table. They also brought two glasses of champagne to go with dessert. :) After dinner we went to listen to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. That is always one of my favorite things to do - and since it is where Daniel proposed, it has lots of special meaning for us! The day ended much better than it began! :)

Saturday night we headed over to Cowboys Stadium to watch the Dallas Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the first playoff game of the year. (This was my anniversary present to Daniel).
What a crazy place!! Everyone seemed very excited to be there!

Our seats were actually pretty good! They were on the fifty yard line, on the front row of the section - even if we were pretty high up!

We had so much fun spending the weekend together and I know that Kenna loved being with her grandparents.

What a great weekend!

Friday, January 8, 2010

5 Amazing Years

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary....Wow, time flies when you are having fun! I L-O-V-E being married to this man. He is a wonderful husband and father and I am so very blessed to have him in my life.

Of course, he adds a lot of fun and laughter to my life as well!
Happy 5th Anniversary Daniel!!!! I love you!!