Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bustin' A Move

Kenna has always loved to dance. I know I have posted videos of her before, but I felt like you all needed to be updated on her most recent dancing style as it is an ever evolving process. She has been staying home with Daniel this week and they have had quite a few dance parties (well, she is dancing; he just makes sure the music is up nice and loud for her). Her newest fav to dance to....Imagination Movers on Playhouse Disney.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My masterpiece

I have never in my life claimed to be an artist and most of you know that I am doing good to draw a recognizable stick figure! Well I decided to step out of my comfort zone on Saturday and joined all (well, almost all) of the people I work with for a little painting fun at a place called Painting with a Twist. We started off with a blank canvas that just had a few pencil lines drawn in to help us shape the flower and then the rest was up to us. We were not even given green and purple paint....we had to mix it ourselves using red, yellow, blue, black and white....what fun!!

Here is a picture of my final product....

So I may not be ready to become an artist full time, but we had a blast!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Precious Picture

Daniel's cousin, Melissa, sent me this great picture of Miss K that was taken at Michael's wedding a couple of weeks ago... I absolutely love it!! Melissa also took some family shots of everyone else's families but, by that time, Kenna had managed to rip her dress, spill strawberries on my dress, and smear marshmallows on the shoulders of Daniel's tux so we missed out on that. (This was taken after we had changed clothes for clean up.) What a sweetie! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tyrel's wedding weekend

We had the chance to celebrate another wedding this cousin Tyrel and his new wife Courtney were married on Saturday. My family all came and spent the weekend with us and Kenna absolutely loved having new people around to play with!

She was really excited that we let her hold baby Anson. I just hope she is still as excited about having a baby in the house when Dane makes his appearance!! Abbye and Kenna had a blast playing together and even convinced their Poppy to take them on a wagon ride to the slides. I'm sure that it did not take too much convincing!!
On Saturday morning, the girls all went shopping and the boys ran to get some stuff to fix a crack in one of our walls. We left my Dad in charge of all the kiddos....they look pretty content to me! They girls had a snack, a book, and something to drink and were covered up watching Mickey Mouse.

The wedding was beautiful and in an absolutely gorgeous church building. We tried to take a picture of these two little princesses, but Kenna was too busy eating her snack to actually stop and smile. My sister kept giving them fruit snacks to sit and smile for us but Kenna could only focus on the fruit snack part!!
Isn't she precious!!
More fruit snacks!

My little angel....
Had to get a family shot of my dad, my uncle, and my grandfather...pretty handsome if you ask me!
Kenna doing what she does best while hanging out with my brother (he was a groomsman and looked quite nice in his tux)We tried to take a family shot but the two we got, didn't turn out all the great...Kenna did not want to look at the camera.The reception was held at the Old Red Museum in downtown Dallas. What a neat building!! There were circular rooms in each corner of the building that were left open for kids to play in...the girls had a lot of fun just running around and playing and then dancing to the music.
Kenna decided that she needed to smoke her marker instead of using it to write.
You always have to have a self-portrait!I'm not sure why I don't have a picture of the bride and groom, and my sister didn't either...oh, well! Congratulations Courtney and Tyrel!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

After Dinner Entertainment

The other night I was cleaning up in the kitchen after I had gotten Miss K ready for bed and heard Kenna making all sorts of racket in the living room. I looked over to see her trying to move her play table to another spot. I asked if she needed help, but got the expected reply of "Kenna do you, I got it." (That means Kenna do it by herself and then she will say I got it when she is finished). I guess she decided that Mommy needed some entertainment while she was cleaning up the kitchen because her final destination with the table and her stool was right next to the oven. I got to clean the kitchen listening to the ABCs and 123s....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend with Mercy

Daniel's parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary (which was actually Feb 14th) by taking a weekend trip away together...that means Mercy gets to come play with us!!

Kenna has had a lot of fun with her Aunt Mercy and can often be heard saying "come on Mercy" as she takes her to a new toy to play with. This is Kenna's new "cheese" smile yesterday morning before breakfast. Daniel and Mercy have had some stiff bowling competitions on the Wii (she usually wins...she's really good).....
...and we have gotten to enjoy the beautiful weather by playing on the slides!

Kenna loves the big slides...I can see that we are going to be spending a lot of time at the playground this spring!!
Mercy and I even took a girls trip to the movies to see Alvin and the Chipmunks while Daniel and Kenna stayed home for nap time.
Mercy, we are so glad you came to visit!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hungry Elmo

Just thought I would post a few random, funny pictures from the last few days.

We were helping Kenna pick up her toys before bed the other night when she told me "Elmo hungry." I wasn't sure what she was talking about as she had already put Elmo on top of her toys in the toy bin. I went to put another toy away and found that Elmo had a goldfish cracker in his mouth. Kenna was so proud of herself for feeding Elmo and laughed and laughed. She has also talked about Elmo and the goldfish for two days now. One of Miss K's favorite games is to run away when we are trying to take off her clothes and then wait for us to chase her. She has two places that she "hides" and giggles waiting for Mommy or Daddy. Her other favorite is to put her wet diapers in the trash can. Last night she combined the two games. Daniel didn't quite get her shirt all the way off her head before she was up and running. She thought her hat was very cute and she kept giggling and running and talking about her "at." At one point she did slow down a bit because she wanted to put her diaper in the trash can. I caught her in all her glory! Don't you just love that belly!?!
I love this age....she is too funny!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Michael's Wedding Weekend

Daniel's brother Michael is officially a married man!

This weekend we got to spend a lot of time with family and friends celebrating Sarah and Michael...and what fun we had!

Friday night, we had a little party after the rehearsal dinner. Michael works in construction so we had to go with the construction theme for decorations. Thankfully, Daniel was willing to loan me all of his tools to use as centerpieces! JD donated some of his Tonka trucks to the special occasion!

Kenna was trying to be helpful and was straightening the tablecloths for Mommy before everyone came to sit down.
Kenna kept herself pretty entertained while I was helping decorate and her Daddy was practicing for his duties as the Best Man. She pushed her baby in the baby stroller (along with the baby's calculator) up and down the halls of the church building. I bet the girl walked five miles :) (She was too busy talking to someone down the hall to actually look at the camera).

Daniel was the emcee for the event and did a great job!

The construction hat centerpieces quickly became favorite accessories for most of the kids.

Saturday was a gorgeous day to have a wedding!! Unfortunately I did not get enough pictures of the festivities. Sarah looked beautiful as did all of the guys....of course, I was a little partial to the best man. :)
JD and Kenna had some time to kill before JD had to put his tux back on to be the ring bearer so they decided to play "ring around the rosie" over and over actually worked pretty well for a game they could play that kept them moving but in one place!

And that is the only picture from Saturday that I have. By the time I went to get the camera after the actual ceremony, my little princess (who missed her nap due to all the fun activities) was not in the mood to smile for the camera...she was much more interested in seeing what she could get in to! Not to mention the fact that she had stepped on the tulle lining the inside of her dress as she was going up some stairs and ripped the front (any thoughts on how to fix that?) and had smeared marshmallows from the chocolate fountain all over the front of her Daddy's tux (good thing I don't have to clean that one) so we never did get a picture of my family all dressed up!!

After we got everything cleaned up, Daniel's immediate family (minus the newlyweds) came over for some leftovers and chill time. It was soooo great to see everyone who lives in different states!
Congratulations Michael and Sarah!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meeting Anson

Daniel, Kenna, and I made a quick trip to Lubbock/Muleshoe this weekend so we could meet the newest addition to the family, Anson. He is a whole two weeks old now and is absolutely precious!

We got there Friday night just in time to join all the extended family for dinner to celebrate my sister's 30th birthday (which is actually next week). Kenna and Abbye loved being able to run all over the restaurant (we were in our own little room) and eat whatever/however they wanted with Mimzi and Poppy while all the parents were at the other end of the table. Daniel and I just fought over who got to snuggle with Anson next! :) Kenna liked looking/touching the baby and it only took a little while for her to quit calling him Baby Meg and start calling him Baby Anson. After that she was ready to run around with Abbye.

Saturday we just had fun shopping/relaxing/hanging out and letting the girls play. Daniel seemed to win the battle over cuddling Anson - he was always coming up with things for me to do that meant I had to hand him the baby (Kenna's hair, etc.). Good practice for when Dane arrives in a few months! Kenna did great in the car and was quite the trooper for staying there so long considering she only slept for 45 min on the way home. Can't wait to see Anson again.