Sunday, September 28, 2008

Meeting Jackson

Kenna got to make her first trip out of state this weekend and went to meet her new cousin Jackson in Arkansas. We went with Jon, Mandy, and JD and, I have to say, for two little kids, JD and Kenna did great in the car. It was over a four hour drive and they only got fussy for a little while. JD didn't even take a nap on the way there! They were actually pretty good.

We went straight to Joel and Sarah's when we got there to meet Jackson and check on everyone else. I don't think Kenna understood what all of the fuss was about...she just wanted out of the car seat!! She loved it when Grandpa helped her stand up and stretch her legs.
Jackson is absolutely adorable!! He is actually a pretty big baby, but you forget how little they are when they are newborns. (and it hasn't even been that long). They just want to curl up in your arms!
I think Gerry and Ouida were excited to have all of their grandkids in one place. I wish you could have seen the adults while we were trying to get all of babies to look forward and halfway smile....
We also went to visit Daniel's grandmother, who had never met the grandkids. It was a lot of fun too show them all off, but I didn't get a picture of Mamaw and Kenna because she decided she was ready for an afternoon nap and slept the entire time we were there.
We had a cookout with all of Daniel's cousins and their kids for dinner last night. It was a lot of fun to have all the kids in one room, a 9 year old, a 7 year old, a 17 month old, a 5 month old, a 4 month old, an almost 3 month old, and an 8 day old all in the same room (did I get them all?). Kenna wanted to show Luke some of her toys, but I don't think he was quite as interested as she was.
Kenna got to spend her first night in a hotel room and did great! She just laid in the pack-n-play for a few minutes and then went to sleep. She never woke up in the middle of the night, but I did scoot her back into the middle a few times, because she woke me up with scratching the nylon side in her sleep!

The kids also did pretty good on the way home. I don't think either one of them were too thrilled to be getting back in the car, but, after playing and trying to take a nap for the first half of the trip, they both slept the second half (whew!). I don't know that we will be going down and back on consecutive days anytime soon! :)

It was a very fun trip and I was so glad we got to see Jackson! I can't wait until he is old enough (and big enough) to play with all of his cousins!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DWTS and Peas

Okay, I guess I have to give in and say that Miss K does not like peas. We have tried it three times now and each time her faces get worse. Last night she was actually gagging occasionally. She would still take a bite but would then gag until she swallowed. She kept taking a bite though, because she was hungry. I guess we will move onto something else. Maybe we will try squash tonight.

Last night, Daniel was at work and I decided to catch up on Dancing with the Stars while I ate dinner. I put Kenna in her favorite toy, the jumper, and faced her towards me so I could talk to Miss K and halfway pay attention to the show. Kenna would jump and laugh until the dancing and music started and then she would try to break her neck to see the dancers. The minute the music stopped, she would go right back to jumping. It was too funny. I had a hard time getting a good picture because she would always turn back around when she heard me.

I am definitely ready for her two bottom teeth to officially be completely in. She is so pathetic sounding when they start hurting and I just want to make it all better! :) Yesterday evening was the worst so far, she just looked so sad!! Today has been much better so maybe we are over the worst. I will post some pictures of her new pearly whites soon.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A lot to learn!

I guess Kenna has decided that there is just too much to learn and experience in this world and she needs to accomplish as much as possible in a short amount of time. She has had a very eventful weekend.

On Friday, she decided that it was time to sit up all on her own. I am still not quite ready to leave her there for very long, because she has taken several tumbles, but she is getting better and better everyday. She is really trying to catch herself when she leans too far to one side and has gotten to where she is fairly good at it!

Friday evening, she started working on her first tooth. We have been wondering if she has been teething forever (she drools constantly and is chewing on things nonstop) and she finally decided to show us what she had been working on! Her second tooth decided to join in on the fun on Saturday and she is about to be able to show off her brand new bottom teeth. They are both still poking through but I can definitely feel them and I can see them when she lets me hold her mouth open. Hopefully I will have some pictures of my baby girl's first teeth soon.

Kenna's cousin, Jackson, made his appearance on Friday night. We are going to try and go visit soon so Kenna can meet one of her new playmates. She is going to have to get used to playing with boys when she is at home. Good thing she has Abbye on the other side of the fam, so she can have some tea parties. Maybe JD, Luke, and Jackson will play dolls every now and then!

Sunday afternoon, Miss K was invited to her very first birthday party. Kenna got to see Vaughan, the one-year-old birthday boy and Andrew, both sons of guys Daniel works with. She loved hanging out and watching the older kids play, but she was just a little too small to join into all the festivities. Maybe next year....

Sunday night, Kenna had peas for the first time. At first she wasn't too sure what to think about them and kept looking at us with a very skeptical look on her face. She ate about half but was then tired of the peas and ready for her normal cereal. Tonight she did much better and just kept eating and eating. I guess she just needed to adjust to the fact that the vegetables tasted a little different.

Kenna fell asleep a little after 8 last night and slept until 8 this morning...don't you think you would be tired after all of that?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Jackson Ware

Kenna has a new cousin!!

Jackson Ware Bailey arrived around seven tonight and weighed in at a hefty 9 lbs 8 oz and was 20.5 inches long. I don't have any pictures yet of Jackson with Sarah, but here are some pictures that Daniel's cousin, Melissa, took of Jackson being weighed and when Joel brought his son out to meet everyone. What is Miss K going to do surrounded by all of those Boyd Boys!

We can't wait to meet you, Jackson!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Miss K, The Sleeping Bunny

By now, most of you have watched the video of Kenna in her jumper and have seen how much she loves to bounce. Apparently, it is possible to jump until you fall asleep.

We have really enjoyed watching her play in the jumper and have witnessed the following several times. Daniel was working in the study today, while Miss K was jumping when it suddenly got very quiet. The problem is that she just does not want to quit jumping if she is awake.

Yes, we did go put her down for a nap......

Monday, September 15, 2008

Miss K, The Energizer Bunny

I know I keep posting video with Miss K but, seriously, how can you avoid recording such a cutie?!?

Kenna has a jumper that she has at Mrs Cindy's so she can play when she is there for the day. This weekend I picked up a jumper from my friend Kim, who let us borrow their jumper so Kenna could have one at home as well. (I know, she is already spoiled). She is absolutely loving it and she does it ALL DAY LONG. She just bounces and bounces. Daniel said that today, even when she would get hungry or ready for a nap, she would just keep jumping until he decided it was time for a change of scenery. She just keeps going and going and going.....

Of course, when Daddy is in charge of the video camera, you have to be prepared for any possibility....even a close up of Miss K's mouth.

I just wish I had that much energy!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Laughing Baby

Last night I was giving Miss K a bath. She has always loved lounging in the tub, but now it is a lot of fun to sit up and play! She was playing with a fireman rubber ducky and I was 'attempting' to make a siren noise when her daddy walked in from mowing the grass. He makes much better noises than I do!! Yes, he is kinda loud, but aren't all fire trucks? I can't see this and not laugh out loud. I especially like when she decides to make herself more comfortable by laying her head on the side, so she can laugh some more....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kenna the Power Roller

It has officially started. Kenna no longer stays where we put her. A few nights ago, I laid Miss K down while I went to fix her cereal. When I looked up, she had rolled off her mat and was in the middle of the living room floor. I took her picture and then went to finish getting her dinner ready, and apparently, she kept moving! I guess it is time to start childproofing my house.

This picture is for Dara and the outfit!

Here is the promised video of the blowing bubbles and the pacifier, once again she had rolled around the room and was over by the edge of the swing. I hope you can hear her blowing bubbles!

A cute after bath before bottle grin....
I guess all that rolling just wore her out! She couldn't even stay awake long enough last night to finish her bottle....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Kenna's new tricks

Kenna is learning several new tricks these days. Her favorite right now is her new noise, a high-pitched squeal - and it is up there!! She just laughs and laughs when she does it. I tried to catch it on video, but what I actually got recorded does not do justice to what she has recently learned.

Saturday morning, Kenna got all dressed and ready for the A&M football game later in the day, but I think she has it out for that onesie, because she spit-up ALL over it and we had to change her clothes (last week she pooped on it). No comments please on how that correlates to how the Aggie football team has been playing. :)

After we changed her clothes, she went down for a nap. She slept for a couple of hours, but then I could hear her talking. When I went in to get her up, she had her feet propped up on the bumper of the crib and was trying to put the pacifier in upside down. By the time I got the camera, she had put her feet back down and had the pacifier in even though it was wrong side up...doesn't she look cute!

Her other new trick involves blowing bubbles while keeping the pacifier in her mouth with her gums. As soon as I can catch that on video, I will post is pretty funny....she is quite talented when it comes to her pacifier skills!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Piece of Advice

Don't watch P.S. I Love You when your husband is away at work and you are home alone with the baby.....too emotionally draining!

Good movie, though.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Who needs a pacifier...

when you have a thumb?

From the time she was born, Miss K has always had her hands by her mouth. We are frequently pulling her hands down and putting her pacifier in to try and avoid the thumb-sucking habit (I just think the paci habit would be easier to break). I think we are fighting a losing battle and she is just destined to suck her thumb.

I took this picture yesterday morning. I was getting ready for work and she started fussing a bit so I ran in, put her pacifier in her mouth, and she went right back to sleep. When I went to get her up and get her ready to go to Mrs Cindy's, this is what I found.... This past weekend, she tried to suck her thumb and eat from her bottle all at the same time. I will have to get a picture of that!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Brushing her teeth?

Kenna and I have had a lot of fun in Muleshoe. She is enjoying all of the attention she is getting from grandparents and great-grandparents, along with everyone else she sees. She just grins and grins!
Friday night, Abbye came to spend the night with us so her parents could get some things done at home. Miss K and Abbye had a lot of fun together. We would lay them on the floor/bed beside each other and they would just play and play. Of course, Kenna would rather be on her tummy so she always found a way to roll over. Sometimes that meant she was almost laying on her cousin, but I don't think that either one of them minded!
My grandmother came out on Saturday night and helped with bath time and feeding. Kenna showed off her cereal eating skills and then we bathed and fed both girls. At one point, my mom was feeding Kenna and Mama was feeding Abbye - they looked like they were in heaven!
When we were getting ready to go to church last night, we picked up Kenna's hairbrush to work on her hair. As she does with everything else these days, she reached out, grabbed the brush, and put it in her mouth. We had to grab the camera because it looked like she was trying to brush her non-existent teeth!
We are headed home this afternoon - I think Kenna is missing her daddy!!