Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Okay, I know I have been a horrible blogger recently and, while I still do not have pictures, I will at least fill you in on some of Kenna's more recent comments.

-As she was picking up her blocks yesterday, she was praising herself every time she dropped a block in the bag - "Good job Kenna."

-She is becoming very independent and wants to do it all by herself. When she wants to do it, she says "Kenna do you." Apparently that means Kenna do it.

-Kenna and I were playing blocks the other night. I guess I put the block in the wrong spot because she looked at me and said "No ma'am Mommy."

-She loves to sit in her booster seat in the living room floor. She will set herself up with a drink and a snack and will play, read, or watch TV while she relaxes in her chair. I will try to get a picture of this soon...too cute!

-Kenna has convinced her daddy to give her peanuts and she absolutely loves them. The problem is that when she asks for them it comes out like "kleenex." Yesterday she told me she wanted "Kleenex on her monkey plate" and then took them to the above mentioned booster seat.

-She loves to listen to songs on the radio. For some reason with me, she always wants to listen to her kids song CDs but will listen to the radio with Daniel. Her favorite song right now is "Imma be" by the Black-eyed Peas (she also likes "Down down down" and "na na na na - replay"). If any of her favorite songs come on she will immediately say "Daddy finger"which means he needs to start snapping his fingers.

-She loves to sing "Ring around the Rosie" and "Wheels on the bus." These are her two favorite songs to sing when we are playing in the living room.

-She doesn't really understand about the new baby yet. Anytime we ask about Baby Dane, she starts singing "baa baa black sheep".... you know - one for the master and one for the dame. Makes sense in her world, but she may be a little disappointed when he is actually a baby instead of a sheep.

-Occasionally when she drops something, she will respond with "oh man!"

- Kenna has discovered how great presents can be. She loves getting mail and thinks anything that comes in as a package or large envelope is for her. Even when I come in from the grocery store, she starts asking for a "Kenna pesent" hoping that she has a present in all of those sacks.

We are loving this stage in her life! She definitely keeps us laughing!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cousin Excitement

Kenna's cousins provided lots of excitement and entertainment yesterday!

We started the day getting to tell her about the arrival of her newest cousin, Anson Charles Turner. My sister was officially due on Valentine's Day, but Anson decided to arrive a day earlier than planned. :) Here is a picture of the happy parents. Big sister Abbye loves her "An-non."
Congratulations Turners! We can't wait to meet him!!!
Yesterday evening, JD and Meg came over to play for a little while so their parents could go out on a date. Well, Meg didn't do much playing with the other kids, but she will soon enough! Supposedly Daniel was going to take care of Meg for a bit while I entertained the toddlers....guess they both got a little comfy!!

Kenna and JD had a BLAST together. The only time I could get them both to slow down long enough to take a picture was when they stopped to have some raisins. Other than that, it was full on play time!

I really wish I would have taken a picture of my living room after they were through playing. Every single toy we own was scattered and I'm not sure there was much of a place to step without falling over something. It took me 3-4 towels to clean up the bathroom floor after bath time. Apparently there was a lot of splashing going on! JD was living it up as the entertainer and Kenna would just walk around going "funny JD" and laughing. Of course, that would just start the cycle all over again! I'm so glad they enjoy spending time together!
Thanks to all the cousins for filling the day with fun!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Yesterday we all woke to a nice white covering the ground...I love snow! Unfortunately, we do not get to see it quite as often as we would like here in Texas! We left work a little early so we would all make it home before the roads got too bad so I got to come play in the snow with Kenna and Daniel.

We got Miss K all suited up and ready to go and took her outside. At first, she was not too sure about all that wet, white stuff. It didn't take her long to realize that she liked it much better when she was in Daddy's arms just looking at the snow. When we would set her down, she would start asking for a towel saying that her boots were wet. :)
It took a few tries before she figured out that she really could touch the snow and it would not hurt her at all. She still wasn't too thrilled about it being wet (which is really funny coming from the girl that I cannot get out of the bathtub at the end of the day).

She eventually did decide that it would be okay to touch it a little bit....
But this morning, she decided that she liked it much better when she could sit in the window and look at the "no".

She had to stop and say 'cheese.'

I can't believe we got almost twelve inches of snow in about 24 hours at our house!!

We have our own little winter wonderland!

And even better, because of the snow, I got to stay home and play with Miss K today! (Of course, Daddy had to go to always works out that way!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bye-Bye Bathtub

Personally, I think my daughter is a pretty funny little girl. (Of course, I may be slightly biased.) But today she really had me laughing.

Daniel had to work yesterday so it was just the two of us this morning. We were all dressed and ready to go and I grabbed Kenna's coat and told her it was time to go bye-bye. This was her monologue (without any prompting from me) as we walked out the door....

"Bye-bye TV, bye-bye picture frame, bye-bye box, bye-bye coat, bye-bye chair, bye-bye wall, bye-bye door, bye-bye potty, bye-bye light, bye-bye bathtub"