Saturday, June 26, 2010

Travel Fun

Today is my brother's wedding day...I'm so excited! I love Kyla and can't wait for her and Cade to officially be married. Kenna and Abbye are both flower girls and, if the rehearsal last night is any indication, it should be an interesting adventure! :) I will have lots of pictures to post I'm sure.

We have had a lot of fun as we have worked our way to Roswell, NM, for their wedding. We had originally planned to spend the first night with my sister and her family in Lubbock, but Kenna woke up sick on the day we left so we decided it would be better to keep the little girls apart so we went all the way to my parents. Kenna had a temp of 103 all day and just stared out the window the whole drive. I felt so bad for her! About halfway through the trip I gave her some more Motrin, on an empty stomach, and five minutes later she threw it all up. Poor baby. We had to pull over on the side of the road, change her clothes, mop up as best as we could and then keep going. Miss K was very upset about her dirty car seat but was otherwise okay. After one day of just a fever, she seemed to bounce back and was ready to play at Mimzi and Poppy's. We didn't let her do much the next day and she seemed okay with that.

On Wednesday, I got to go see Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes. I love that show and he has some amazing creations! He was presenting a cake to the Muleshoe Police department as he made a tour around part of the USA. It was a really neat experience and I can't wait for the episode to air (sometime in September they think)...maybe you can see me on TV!!

Kenna was much better on Thursday so we decided to make a trip to Lubbock to go to CritterFest at the Science Spectrum. Kenna had a BLAST!! She loved seeing all of the animals (especially feeding the goats) and playing with all of the fun stuff inside. I can't wait to keep taking her places like that! Unfortunately, Abbye decided to get sick that day and had a fever and threw up.....all of our work keeping them apart and they still both got sick! Oh well, at least it was before the wedding!

I will post pictures when we get back home...

And now we are in Roswell for the wedding. Like I said, it should be an adventure!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dane's Naps

Since most of Dane's days consist of nap time, I thought I would add a couple of pictures from his more recent daytime slumber....

Daddy and Dane cuddling on Father's Day...looks like a great Sunday afternoon nap! Dane was snoozing in the swing this afternoon while I was packing some things for our upcoming trip to my brother's wedding. Apparently, Kenna thought he needed a toy (to give him sweet dreams?) glad she is learning to share! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happenings around our house

Time for an update!

Things are settling into a little bit of a routine around here...

Dane spends most of his day just snoozing and eating. He is starting to stay awake a little bit longer every time he wakes up and has started making all of those cute baby noises all of the time. He is still a very calm little guy but can be quite noisy. He likes to grunt a lot in his sleep. What is it with boys and grunting? :) I love how sweet he looks asleep on the boppy...tummy time turned into nap time.

Kenna is doing her best to keep things interesting around here. I think that we have probably watched the Glee finale more than anybody else as that is her new favorite. I am so glad that my daughter likes Glee as much as I do! :) She has even gotten her daddy to watch it. She likes to wear only her tutu/skirt and usually a necklace or two as she sings and dances along with the songs. As soon as the song is over, she turns around and says "Again..." I love watching her sing and dance.

Fun times at our house!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hold Him Again

Kenna has a new favorite phrase...."Hold him again Mommy." It has taken her three weeks (well, to be fair, she was in Muleshoe the whole first week) but she is finally deciding that she wants to hold her little brother. Every so often we have asked her if she wants to hold Dane but she always says that she is playing or that she is busy (haha). Last night that changed.After everyone had their bath and we were getting ready for bed, I asked her if she wanted to hold Dane, same way I have previously asked her, but this time she said okay. After that, there was no stopping her and that is all she wanted to do! She even tried to put his paci in his mouth when he got a little fussy.
She was most intrigued by his feet...
Several times today we have had to stop what we were doing so that Kenna could hold Dane again. It is so sweet to see them together! I think "hold him again" may be one of my new favorite phrases as well! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dane's First Bath

Today is Dane's 3 week birthday! I can't believe that it has already been that long since we welcomed him into our family. We definitely love having him around!

A few days ago, Dane got to have his first 'real' bath. It took 2.5 weeks for his cord to fall off so we haven't been able to officially let him soak.

At first, he wasn't too sure what to think about all the water.... ...but then he decided that this was a lot of fun and just relaxed in the water. I think he would have stayed there for a long time if his Daddy would have let him!

Kenna can't wait until he can take a bath with her in the big bath tub. She wants to show him how much fun it can be!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dane's Nursery

I just realized that I never posted any pictures of Dane's nursery! We moved Kenna across the hall to her own room and then changed some things to make it a little more masculine. All of the pink dots and accents came down and we went with a yellow/brown/green theme.
All of the walls had been painted a pale green which just happened to match the new bedding perfectly so we didn't have to repaint any of the walls.

I still need to get some picture frames/deco stuff for the bookcase.

Here is a closeup of Dane's bedding.

We also have some things to hang on the wall when we get around to it! :)

Of course, for now, he is sleeping in our room in the bassinet, but I'm sure he will love his room once he actually gets to spend some time in there!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

This Past Week

Kenna is home from visiting my parents and I love having my family under one roof! We are definitely adjusting to having two kids (and trying to adjust to little sleep) but I think we are figuring it all out! Daniel has gone back to work and we are settling into a somewhat normal schedule (at least my maternity leave schedule).

We have spent some time cuddling with Dane (he is such a little cuddlebug...I love it because Kenna was not). And waiting for him to give us a few of his random smiles...I think he is going to have such a CUTE grin!!

Kenna is playing with all of her toys and testing out a few of Dane's as well...

...but Dane doesn't mind sharing his things. He is pretty content just to stretch out on the floor. He is a very calm little guy!
Kenna loves her little brother and wants to sit next to him and give him his paci and hand him the blanket, etc. She is turning into such a good big sister.

Dane went for his two-week check up yesterday and is growing like a weed! His pedi was most impressed with how much weight he had gained in the nine days since his last weight check. He weighed in at 7 lbs even (he was 6 lb 4 oz 9 days ago) and has grown an inch since he was born (now is 19.5 in). Way to grow Dane!!