Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our version of "A Christmas Story"

Daniel is recovering really well from his knee surgery two months ago. He is still on light duty at work, but he has been improving every day and hopes to go back to full duty soon. He has several exercises and such that he is supposed to do each day and then he is supposed to ice his knee. Miss K has decided that she thinks his ice pack his VERY interesting....

"What is this?"

" Can I touch it?"

"This feels kinda funny."

"Mmmm..." (and, yes, that is a direct quote)

After her ice tasting, Kenna just kept looking at me and then back at Dan and then she would lick it again. I had visions of "A Christmas Story" flashing through my head....

Kenna and I had a great weekend full of airplanes and birthday parties and there are many pictures to come....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mmm, Mmm, Good

It is no secret that Kenna loves to eat. I think she has really loved almost everything we have ever tried to give her (except for maybe peas....). A few weeks ago, I started giving her the Gerber graduates pasta pick-ups and she practically inhales them when she eats so we decided to move up in the world to good old Chef Boyardee. She L-O-V-E-D it!! The pasta pickups are not in a tomato sauce, they are just pasta so they really don't make that much of a mess. The Chef Boyardee ravioli on the other hand.....

I still can't figure out how it got in her hair and between her eyebrows...

She went straight to the bath after this....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Manicure Time?

Our coffee table has a small drawer in one of the sides. I have always kept my most current bottle of fingernail polish in the drawer so that it is readily available for touch-ups. After Miss K made her appearance, I started keeping her little clippers in there as well. It always seems like I am in the living room when I notice her fingernails need to be timmed and it is really easy to reach in there and grab them.

Well now Kenna has found the drawer. She loves to open the drawer and empty it out (the polish and clippers and an old remote are the only things in there...it is a fairly small drawer) and then put everything back (well mostly) so that she can do it again. A few days ago I think she was wanting a manicure because she kept holding up the clippers and the polish.
Showing Daddy the polish
Maybe I can figure this out myselfHmmm, what am I supposed to do with this, again?

That's right...I'm supposed to eat it....like I do almost everything else! :)

Seriously, I think I have a girl after my own heart. I wonder how old you have to be to go get a pedicure?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Watch out World....

...here she comes!!

Miss K has decided that now is time to join the walking world and has officially taken her first steps. Wow....this has come faster than I thought it would!! She has cruised around the coffee tables and couches for weeks but has never been 'brave' enough to let go with both hands. Last night, she decided she might try to walk without holding on to anything but would only take 1, maybe 2 steps before she would end up on the floor. Today was officially the day! She would go 10-12 steps before she would fall down. When she starts getting close to her goal, she will dive towards the finish line but she is definitely on her way to being a full-time walker!!

Here are a few videos of Kenna and her numerous walking attempts. She got so excited about the fact that she could walk that she did it all day long.....and then took almost 4 hours worth of naps!

I can't believe that my baby is walking!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Meeting Mamaw and Papaw

Daniel's grandparents are visiting this week. They live in Colorado (most of the year - they spend the winter in San Diego) and are on their way back home. Kenna had not yet made her appearance in this world the last time they were here and we did not make it up to Colorado over the summer, so this was the first time that Kenna got to meet Mamaw and Papaw. We had a great time this weekend spending time with the family! This picture was actually taken at the end of the day and Miss K was getting a little tired...for once she was not totally going after the camera!
Kenna decided that she needed to hold on to Jackson's pacifier for him. We intercepted before it made it all the way to her mouth. She still had her sweater on and her bow in her hair....this didn't last long!

Miss K had a great time playing blocks with Uncle Josh. She would knock them over almost as quick as he would stack them up!
A lot of the adult time was spent playing Dominoes...fun, fun!!

The kids decided that they could not be left out and they needed a turn.

Kenna grinning for the camera.

Jackson grinning for the camera...hasn't he gotten big!?! He is the 'smiliest' baby....

Once Luke got there, Kenna was more than happy to share her toys with him, but....

...I think three people might have been too many for the table, at least in her opinion!

We had a great, family-filled weekend....so glad Mamaw and Papaw are here to visit!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Miss Kenna has always loved to sit in our laps and look through a book. Now that she is all over the place on her hands and knees, she has discovered where all of the books are and that she can 'read' them all by herself.....
Of course, what fun is it to read only one book when you can have more than one going at the same time?

Reading is one of my favorite things to do so I am glad that Kenna is learning to enjoy books as well!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Playing K

Kenna has really gotten to where she enjoys to just play. She has her favorite toys that she carries around with her everywhere but she mostly just crawls from part of the living room to the next, always looking for something new to pull up on. It is so much fun to watch! It is really funny to see what her 'toy of the day' is going to be. Lately she has had a teething block in one hand and the cover for the Wii remote in the other. That is her remote cover and she does not want to give it up!

Her little knees are starting to get red marks from crawling all over the carpet and tile.

One thing is for sure though...my daughter is not camera shy! Here she was trying to get as close to the camera as possible!!
This is one of my favorite pictures of her, but I can't get it to stay rotated! I have tried to rotate it 5 times without success. You can see her new tooth on top. She has another one in, but it is too small to actually see in the picture. Her third top tooth is starting to poke through today.

This video is also sideways (sorry), but I figured the grandparents won't mind too much!! This is just a sweet video of my little girl playing.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back to Work

Daniel had a doctor's appointment yesterday for his six-week followup after surgery and was told that he was doing great! He is going back to work today on light duty and will continue to be on light duty for at least six weeks before he is officially released to go back to full duty. We are not quite sure what all light duty will entail but will find out today. I am sure that he has loved having all of the time home with Miss K but I know he is ready to get back to the normal routine!
Kenna went back to Mrs Cindy's yesterday while Daniel went to the doctor. It took her a little while to remember that she knew and liked everyone, but then she was back to her normal self! She really seems to like going over there and seeing her 'friends'. I am so thankful for Mrs Cindy and the great care that she takes of my little girl.....
Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday!!