Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My two (or three) cuties

My dad has started e-mailing me telling me that I needed to update my blog so I decided to take two pictures last night just for him! Love ya Dad!!!! :)

Kenna was enjoying her 'dinner of champions' last night. I had not decided what we were going to have for dinner yet but Miss K was starving and kept telling me that she needed to "eat sumpin." Answer: PB&J and a juice box...one of her favorites! She was showing me her hands and how she had jelly on them. And this is why I hadn't fixed dinner yet. Who would want to disturb these two? Dane had actually been taking a little cat nap as well and just happened to open his eyes before I took the picture. Dane laid there cuddling with his Daddy for another 5-10 min before he even moved.
Personally, I think I have some pretty cute kids!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

4 months old

Okay, so technically Dane isn't four months old for two more days, but this weekend was full of '4 month old stuff' so I decided to jump the gun and go ahead and post about it.

Dane is growing like a weed and doing great! He is such a happy little guy and spends the day grinning and giggling. He still hasn't rolled all the way over yet consistently (He has done it a few times for Ms Tara and a few times for Daddy but never for Mommy...what's up with that!) but he spends all day going from one side to the other. He is a great sleeper and will sleep for 11-12 hours a night - provided that you let him eat anywhere between 8-12 oz before bed and then let him sleep in the swing. He HATES to sleep on his back and since he has a paranoid Mommy who will not let him sleep all night on his tummy, we have compromised with the swing. It works for now! Hopefully he will learn to roll over before he outgrows the swing. :)

On Friday, Dane went to the pedi for his 4 month old well check. My big guy weighed in at 14 lbs 12 oz (52%) and was 24 in long (22%) so basically he is short and chubby. We love his little rolls and chins! The pedi said it was okay to start cereal whenever we were ready and work our way up the food ladder. Since he eats soooo much before bed, we decided to give him a little oat cereal last night to see how he liked it. I can't believe my baby is old enough for food!!!

"What is all the fuss about?" "Is that food!?!"
"Let's see if this is any good."

"Here let me help you. You are not doing it fast enough." "That was yummy! When can I have some more?"

Of course, Kenna realized that this was a momentous event and decided that she needed to capture some photos of her own. (We gave her that Elmo camera when Dane was born and it may have been one of our best purchases ever. She feels very important when she is taking pictures and runs and grabs it anytime I have my camera out). Kenna kept telling us that Dane didn't want any cereal. According to Kenna, he only likes milk. :)

Now that she knows he can have something other than milk, I am a little worried about what types of food she is going to want to share with him. She loves to share toys with Dane now but I am sure that will change in the near future. Dane is going to be into all of her stuff before she knows it!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kenna's Prized Possessions and More

After my previous post about Kenna's love for Blanket and Baa, I started thinking about all the other things in her life that have become prized possessions. Two of those things are her glasses and her "atch." Several months ago, Miss Kenna Beth decided that anytime she was outside or in the car, the "sun hurts my eyes and my glasses make it better." We cannot go anywhere without her sunglasses. She also likes to wear them inside our house and at Mrs. Tara's. Her glasses have to go everywhere. Last weekend, Kenna seemed to notice for the first time that Mommy wears a watch. Every day since then the little copycat :) has to have on a watch. I had a watch that I usually run with that had a bad battery and Kenna has claimed it has her own. We have had a few minor meltdowns over the fact that we made it out the door without the watch. Now I just put it into the diaper bag when we finally convince her she has to take it off for a bath or to sleep....and that takes some convincing! Here is a picture of Kenna with her glasses and her "atch." And if you eventually decide that the glasses make things a little too dark, you can always wear them as a "hat" as Kenna would say.
Her newest possession that she has fallen in love with is her "pink swippers." She wants to wear them all the time and then wants me to put mine on as well. Tonight, she was running around in her slippers and then disappeared into my bedroom. When she returned to the living room, she was carrying my house shoes for me to wear. Sorry the picture is a little blurry, she was showing me how cute her shoes were.

And we can't forget the cowboy hat. I posted a picture of Kenna wearing this hat a year or so ago. She was watching the horses on the TV and decided that she would pretend like her shopping cart was rideable. Notice the hat, the slippers, and, of course, the "atch."

Taking pictures in the same attire with her Elmo camera. I love it!

Kenna really has turned into a little Mommy. She was playing with her baby tonight when she told me that her baby was tired and that she needed to take a nap. She ran off toward her room and then came back with something else to play with. When I took Dane into his room to change his diaper this is what I found....
The swing was going, the seat was vibrating, and the music was playing. Baby looks quite comfortable on Kenna's pillow. :)

Dane thinks that Kenna is great fun to watch. He will stare and stare at her antics!
Of course my little piglet is just trying to eat his toys these days!

Life sure is fun at our house!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blanket and Baa

Kenna started sleeping with her blanket when she was about 6 months old or so (I think). Baa, her stuffed sheep, joined the party when the pacifier disappeared....which was around 15-16 months and ever since then the three of "them" have been inseparable when it comes to bed time. Blanket and Baa must go everywhere with us if we expect her to take a nap or spend the night. Daniel has even driven back out to his parents house when blanket was accidentally left in his car when he dropped Miss K off for a weekend with the grandparents. This is serious.

Recently, Blanket and Baa have started getting special treatment when it is not bedtime. Since they have to stay in her bed during the day, Kenna has started making sure that they are very comfortable and all settled before she can go play.

The last few nights, when going in to check on Kenna before we go to bed, we have found that Blanket has a new place to 'hang out' during the nighttime hours.

Night #1 (Sunday night) Night #2 (Monday night)Night #3 (Tuesday night) - even though Blanket was already in his special spot, Kenna wasn't quite asleep when I went in to take her picture and insisted on smiling for the camera while she pretended like she was sleeping. She actually requested 4 different takes before she was ready to go to sleep.
I wonder how old Miss K will be when she decides that she is too big to sleep with a blanket and a stuffed animal....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just for Fun

Just thought I would post a few fun pics of my kiddos that we have taken over the last few days.

Miss K was chowing down on some corn on the cob. Apparently it was too much work to actually pick up the corn cob and hold it...it is much better when you just bend over and eat it off of the plate. She wouldn't even look up long enough for me to take her picture before she was back at it! She is going to be heartbroken when Dane is big enough for the high chair and she officially gets booted out. We have tried several times to get her to sit in her own chair at the table but she always runs to the high chair.
Dane absolutely loves to take a bath in the sink. He gets to kicking his little legs and the water starts splashing all over the place - and then he gets surprised when it splashes in his face!
Can you tell how the water is sloshing back and forth?
And, last but not least, Dane before going to Ms. Tara's today. He was stylin'! Daddy had gotten him dressed and was quite proud of his handiwork.
Hope you enjoy seeing pictures of my little ones as much as I like posting them!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last Weekend

I know this post is about a week late...I'm not sure where this week went!!

Last Friday, Mandy and I took JD and Kenna to see the Nick Jr live production in Grand Prairie. Kenna is in love with the Backyardigans and this show did not disappoint! The kiddos did pretty well on the way down there, even though we had to make sure everyone kept their toys to themselves a few times. They would want to share, but would then want their own toy back. I guess that is how sharing works when you are 2 and 3! :) I kept trying to take Kenna's picture, but she only wanted to show me the bookmark she received when she walked in the door. It had pictures of all of the characters that were featured in the show.
We had a fun Mommy/daughter date while Dane and Daddy stayed home. Kenna had a BLAST! She is still talking about it a week later and wearing her backpack like Dora. Several times a day she will look at me and say "I saw Backyardigans on the staaaaaage (She draws out 'stage' into 5 syllables)....and the Wonder Pets...and Dora....and Pablo got muddy...and then they took a bath with bubbles!!" (There is more..this is just the shortened version!) I am so glad that we went! :)

On Saturday, several of my family members were in town for some shopping and my cousin's baby shower. At lunch, Dane got in some snuggle time with my cousin, Courtney.
We spent a lot of time at the outlet mall doing some shopping (I got some great deals on fall clothes for Kenna) before ending the day at the pool with pizza and cake. Dane loved hanging out in the stroller and gave out lots of grins.
Kenna thought the cake was yummy! Good thing we were at the pool and she could rinse it all off before heading home!!
On Sunday, we all drove to Stephenville for a baby shower for my cousin Leslye and her soon-to-be-here son Keaton. Kenna had a hard time with the concept that none of the presents were for her so Leslye was kind enough to let her play with one of the buckets of toys.
All of the girl cousins that were present at the shower...Alison we missed you!

It was such a fun weekend and we all had a great time!! (Thanks cousins for all of the stolen pictures)