Monday, August 27, 2012

A Day of Firsts

Today was a big day for our family!!
1 - My big girl started school today!!  Kenna is officially going to pre-k.  She was soooo excited and has been "counting sleeps" for at least two weeks.  She is going to do a Dual Language Program and I think that this is a really cool opportunity for her.  Hopefully, she will catch on to everything quickly and learn to speak Spanish fluently!
I tried to get her to write her name on the sign, but the marker she used was too thin.  Oh well, I know what it says! :)
Dane really thought he needed to go to school with his KK.  He tried to confiscate her lunchbox.
 I think one of Kenna's favorite parts of going to school was getting to pick out a lunchbox and backpack.  Believe me, she took this job very seriously!  
 Once again, Dane was trying to walk off with her lunch. :)
 I love the fact that Daniel made arrangements to come in late to work so he could come too....I think this pic is sooo cute.
 We had to take the obligatory photo in front of the school sign.  Kenna said that she couldn't open her eyes because the sun would shine into them.
 As soon as we walked into the room, Kenna hung up her backpack and ran to show her Daddy and brother that they had some really neat things to play with in her classroom.
 A picture with her teacher, Mrs. Avila.
The only person who cried when we dropped Kenna off was Dane - he was most upset that he didn't get to stay!  Kenna was already playing with her new friends!
2 - Mommy went back to work and Kamryn went to stay with Ms. Tara!  We are so blessed to have a daycare provider who truly loves our children.  Kenna was at Ms. Tara's for 2.5 yrs, Dane has been there since he was born, and now Kamryn is joining the crew!  It sounds like they had a wonderful day and Kamryn is going to fit right into things at Ms. Tara's house!
3 - Kamryn didn't cry when I gave her a bath!  This is a very serious milestone....she may not be smiling, but she is not wailing so I will take that as a huge step in the right direction!!
When all was said and done, everyone had an excellent day.  But, whew, I have been dreading this day for weeks!  So glad that it went as well as it did!  I can't wait to see what happens over the next few months!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Month Old....Already!

Look who is already one month old!!  (Okay, so I am a day late....but I have 3 kids, I think I can be excused, right?)
Kamryn has already become such an integral part of our lives....I can't imagine what we would do without her!!  Her brother and sister absolutely love her and want to help with almost everything.  Kenna has even changed a few diapers (with a lot of help from Mom).  Kamryn still sleeps quite a bit during the day but is starting to get a little bit more of a schedule.  She sleeps pretty well at night but is still waking up every 2-3 hours to eat.  At least she will go right back to sleep after her belly is full and her diaper is dry.  Mommy is just looking forward to a few longer stretches!  If her personality stays the same, then Kamryn is not going to be one with a lot of patience.  :)  When she decides that she wants something, she will go from sleeping to screaming (at the top of her lungs) in 2 seconds.  We should have known - she screamed constantly for the first 45 minutes of her life!  I think it probably has something to do with the fact that she is a third child...she has to make sure that her voice is heard!

Taking a mid morning nap
Kamryn finally had her first bath, at three weeks old.  Apparently she did not get the memo that baths are supposed to be enjoyable.  Hopefully she will change her mind and learn to like them as much as her mother and sister do!
She goes to the pedi tomorrow for a one month check up - I can't wait to see how much she has grown - because I am fairly sure it will be quite a bit.  This is going too fast!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kamryn's Nursery

It is about time for me to post pictures of Miss Kam's new room!  Even though she isn't sleeping in there yet. :)  When we decided to change things up a bit from Kenna's room and let Kamryn have a room of her own, we found some cute ladybug bedding and had a lot of fun going from there!

Aunt Kyla made the feather balls....I am NOT that crafty!

Daniel has had the letters painted for a while, but we didn't hang them on the wall until we had officially announced her name after she was born.

These ladybugs are decals that were made by the same company that made the bedding.  Kenna is MOST proud of the fact that she helped put the stickers on the wall.  She has to go in there often to admire her work!
Hopefully Kamryn will want to spend some time in there soon!