Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baby #3 is a.....


We are so excited to finally spread the news!  We went to the perinatologist when we were 13 weeks pregnant and she told us that she was 90-95% certain that we were going to have another girl.  We didn't really spread the news because we wanted to make sure everything was certain before we told Kenna.  We were not sure how we could explain that her baby sister had turned into a boy! :)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Kenna has been wanting a sister....of course, she changed her mind two days before we told her that the baby was a girl. I had to do some fancy talking and convince her that a girl would be more fun than a brother. :)  She has been convinced since we first told her about the baby, that her name is going to be Jujaw.  Ummm....yeah....we'll have to see about that!

Friday was the day we got to see lots and lots of pictures of baby girl.  She has the sweetest profile!  I think that she looks like our other two but we will see when she officially makes her appearance.

I love sonograms because we get to take a sneak peak at our sweet little one!!!  I can't decide if July seems so far away or just around the corner!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


This post makes me sad because it shows just how quickly my daughter is growing up.....

Kenna was definitely a pacifier baby for the first year of her life.  Once she was 13-14 months, we took the pacifier away and replaced it with "baa"....and from that point on a friendship was born that has continued until just recently (I have actually devoted a previous post to Baa that you can read about here).
Baa has been around for first plane rides and sleepovers at all of the grandparents as well as illnesses and time-outs.  And he has made several trips through the washing machine.  :)

And now Baa is starting to look a little worse for the wear.  His hands used to be sewn together and he was holding a baby sheep (maybe Baa is supposed to be a female but Kenna has always said "he").  His mouth is now only hanging by a thread and, just the other day, Kenna noticed that he is starting to get a hole on his back.
And, because of all of these things, Kenna has decided that Baa is getting too old for her to sleep with anymore and has relegated him to the little rocker in her room.  While I am glad that she is coming to these conclusions on her own and we are not having to eventually go through a "traumatic" experience, it makes me realize that she is not my baby girl anymore!!

Thanks, Baa, for being so good to my little girl! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby #3

So, once again, I have gone a whole month without blogging....but I promise that this time I have a really good excuse!

As most of you already know from my facebook post, Baby #3 is set to arrive sometime the middle/end of July.  I think more people see my fb than my blog, but I want to have it on here for future reference.

We are SUPER excited about adding another child to our family.  Kenna cannot wait!  She actually told me that there needed to be two babies in mommy's tummy (there is not) so that there could be a brother and a sister and then there would be 2 brothers and 2 sisters in our family.  Pretty smart for a 3 yr old if you ask me!  We have her convinced that she will be just as happy with one baby.  :)  She is really hoping for a sister so we will see....the big day to possibly find out is in about 3 weeks.

So now that the first trimester is fading away (I am currently 15 weeks) and taking a lot of the nausea and fatigue with it, maybe I will actually try to make more time to blog!