Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Fun

What a great day we have had!

Today we started off the day by taking Miss K to her very first gymnastics class. It took her a little bit to get warmed up to Coach Sarah but after the first 5-10 minutes she was ready to go! She did keep looking over to the window into the lobby where I was waiting to make sure that I was watching. It was kinda hard to take pictures through the glass but I tried! They are just opening up this 3 yr old class for Saturday mornings and, for today at least, Kenna was the only on in the class. Gotta love private lessons for group lesson rates!

She did great on the balance beam. I was really impressed. She was barely holding onto her coach's hand at all. I love this picture of her belly. She is not a shy eater. :)

After it was over she told me that she could not wait to go back to "fish sticks" again. :)
Kenna and I got home in time to see Dane wake up from his morning nap. L.O.V.E. the hair.
He's really working the spiked 'do.
Then tonight, we went to watch two of Daniel's brothers play in the 2nd annual Allen Police vs. Allen Fire. It was so much fun!!


Kenna enjoyed standing right next to the glass....had to stay close to the action! This picture was taken right before Daniel decided to teach Kenna how to beat on the glass. She thought that was great fun.

Dane and his my guys!!
Face off - Nathan (#62) is facing off with the Police guy while Jon (#21) is ready for the puck.
The score was tied at the end of regulation so we went to a shoot out.
Nathan was one of the 5 chosen to shoot at the goal for the Fire Dept....this is right before he sent the puck into the net. Way to Go Nate!
Congratulations to the Fire Dept for winning the game in the shootout (3-1)! Great job!!
(Sorry I didn't get a better group shot at the end....didn't get close enough)
And now my two babies are both tucked into their beds dreaming sweet dreams. Fun Saturday with family.

Monday, February 21, 2011

9 months

Today is Dane's 9-month birthday....where has the time gone!! He is such a precious little boy that always has a smile (complete with a cute little dimple) at the ready. He L.O.V.E.S. to eat - as witnessed by all of the stains on his shirt - and would eat all day long if we would let him! He hasn't decided to crawl on his hands and knees yet but has a super fast army crawl that will get him everywhere he needs to go. I need to get a picture of him crawling on our tile though....he doesn't like the cold so he picks his tummy and legs up off the ground and does this funny bear crawl. He loves to stand up and can pull up on pretty much anything...even big sister's toys.

I will post his official weight/height stats on Fri when he goes for his 9 month check. I have a feeling he will be short and stocky...but I love my roly-poly Daners!! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Starting Early

My husband does not hide the fact that he really likes a good steak. He has always been a "meat and potatoes" type of guy. Apparently his son is following in his footsteps.

Saturday night, Jon, Mandy, and kids, came over for dinner and the guys cooked a delicious meal. We set the kids up with a Wiggles video and then sat down to enjoy our steak, baked potatoes, homemade lobster mac and cheese, and asparagus....yummy! Dane is not really into the Wiggles yet and came into the dining room with us to play and crawl around. He kept crawling under the table and then getting stuck so I picked him up and put him in my lap for a bit. He would grab at my plate...I would hand him my spoon. He would drop it, grab at my plate, and I would hand him my spoon. (you get the picture) Well, eventually he got what he wanted. I guess he was a hungry!
He was quite upset that I didn't just let him gnaw on it forever (I took it away after the pictures)....can't fault the guy for wanting a good steak!

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Kiddos

Just some fun pictures of my little ones doing what they do best....playing!!

Dane is now all over the place. He is not crawling on his hands and knees but can scoot/army crawl pretty much anywhere he wants to go. The other day that included inside the exersaucer. He wasn't too happy about getting stuck there but has since learned how to crawl back out the other side. Kenna is growing up way too fast! We laugh and laugh at the things she says and does. She has such a fun personality!! I don't even know what to say about this picture....mardi gras mask, Belle dress up clothes, and pajamas....makes a great combination don't you think?
Lovin' Life with my sweeties!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trip to the Zoo

On Saturday, Kenna and I decided to make the most of the gorgeous January day and headed out for a Mother/daughter date to the Fort Worth Zoo. We loaded up the wagon and we were ready to go! Kenna LOVED pulling the wagon and being able to walk pretty much wherever she wanted as long as Mommy was close. She wanted to get as close as possible to the big gorilla.
And she thought the giraffes were pretty cool too!

The fish were a few of her favorite things. She made sure to point out Dorie and Nemo.
She had to take a walking break after a little while so that she could have a snack. But she didn't want to quit looking at all of the animals. She was a girl on a mission!
She was so much fun to watch on the carousel! She kept yelling "Wee."
Personally, I thought we were a little close to the alligator and the turtle, but Kenna loved it!
We had to finish off the trip with a visit to the snakes (not my favorite part). I'm not sure why she is scowling in this picture.

I didn't get very many good pictures of her smiling/looking at me because she was too busy watching all the animals. She had a blast! I can't wait to take her back someday!