Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cousin Weekend #2

Kenna has just got to have all sorts of fun with her cousins these past few weeks. She got to hang out with JD last weekend and then my sister and niece came this past weekend. Amy had some friends we were wanting to do some spring shopping so she decided to tag along and let Miss K and Abbye spend some time together.

Kenna was already asleep by the time they got to my house Friday night - my little early bird is almost always down by 8 - and she was very excited to have a new playmate when she woke up. Both girls played and played for a while before we got everybody dressed and ventured out to the outlet mall.

They would play together every now and then - and that got better as the day went on - but they mostly just kept switching toys with each other.

We spent quite a bit of time hitting up all the great sales - all of the girls needed some new spring clothes. Early afternoon, though, all of the babies started getting tired so we headed back home to let them all take naps. Apparently the time in the car was all of the sleep they needed and they were ready to play when we released them from their car seats. Keden (my sister's friend) ended up being the 'cheerio man' for Kenna, Abbye, and his daughter Kelby. He pretty much always had three little girls around him.

After letting the girls play for a bit we all went to dinner before heading back home. Abbye and Kenna got to have a bath together and I think they had lots of fun pushing the toys back and forth to each other - we have to have a bathtub picture, right?We were so glad they came and can't wait for them to come again!
Sunday night, Kenna got sick :( We got to experience her first stomach virus. Poor baby. She seemed to be doing much better yesterday and took a 4.5 hour nap to catch up on her sleep. Today she was almost back to normal, just not eating as much. I'm sure this is the first of many illnesses and she is definitely on the mend but it was still sad!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time to Childproof

I do not have any pictures to support this story but I have to share anyway. It is too funny. I do have to preface this story by saying that we do have covers on all the outlets but have not purchased any baby gates...yet.

Daniel and Miss K were having their normal daddy/daughter day yesterday. Kenna was playing with her blocks in the hall next to the kitchen and Dan was getting some water when he decided to go out and check the mail -that takes what, 30 secs? When he came back inside, Miss K was no longer in the hall. He found her INSIDE her bathtub in her bathroom. What in the world? The only thing we can figure out is that she crawled into the room, pulled up on the tub and then tried to grab a toy that was inside. She must have tumbled in headfirst! She was happy as a clam and just playing away! Of course we all know how much Miss K loves her bath, so she threw a HUGE fit when her Daddy took her out. I'm not sure she realized there was not any water inside. Too funny!

Needless to say, we are working on the baby gate thing (and shutting bathroom doors) today...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Daddy Hairdo

Kenna and Daddy have been spending quite a bit of time together these days. Daniel is still off work following his surgery but gets around pretty well so he has been keeping Kenna. They are having loads of fun and decided, I guess, that today was the day for Daddy to fix Kenna's hair. (He normally just brushes it down a little but parts of her hair are getting kind of long - she still hasn't had her first haircut). Today she got the full treatment - Daddy's hair gel and everything. What a lovely sight I was greeted with when I walked in the door tonight!! :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cousin Love

Last night, JD came over to spend the night so Jon and Mandy could enjoy an evening to themselves. They are returning the favor today and are keeping Miss K...sounds like a great, new, repeatable plan to me!
JD loves to be outside and convinced his Uncle Dan to go out and throw the ball. Daniel would throw the ball and JD would run get it. He had a blast and was not ready to come in even though it started to get a little cold.

The two kiddos did really well playing together. JD loves to share his toys and was always giving Kenna something new to play with. Once she had played with that for a while, he would bring her something else and exchange it for the older toy.

At one point in the evening, JD decided to give Kenna some love.....

Miss K has decided that hands and knees may actually be a more efficient way to crawl. She will still drop to her tummy and army crawl occasionally but has gotten a lot better at being on all fours over the last three days. Tornado Kenna has officially hit our house and left a trail of destruction.
My favorite part of the evening was probably when everybody was getting ready for bed. I got pajamas on everybody and sat both kids up on the couch with Daniel. I gave JD his bottle and went to fix Kenna's (she is still very picky about the temperature). I think Kenna was ready for a bottle and wanted to take JD's. Look at the way she is eyeing his bottle!

Then she decided to just go for it....

She has always like to have something in her hand to play with while she is eating and would prefer for us to hold the bottle (that would be too much work for the little princess). When it was her turn last night, she got her daddy to hold the bottle for her while she rubbed JD's ear and the back of his neck.Apparently he is a little ticklish....:)
Miss K and JD were perfect little angels last night and both went right to sleep without a single cry. Fun, fun evening of cousin time. We will have to do it again with all of the cousins!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Boots and Pancakes

My parents came down this past weekend to go to the FW stock show and see Kenna for the weekend (I don't have any delusions about the fact that they are coming to see me...haha). Dad came a few days earlier while Mom worked and then she flew in on Friday for the weekend. Miss K got to spend Friday morning with her Pa at the stock show. It sounds like she had a lot of fun and loved seeing the animals. I am the smart one who sent the camera, but had it all set on video so we didn't get any good pictures. Sorry! I am mad at myself, but, oh well, what do you do now? Kenna also came home with a new pair of boots...aren't these great?!? I can't wait to put them on her with her little jean skirt....
I really think they enjoyed their grandpa/Kenna time.

Saturday morning we let Miss K have pancakes for the first time. She absolutely loved them!! My mom started off tearing little pieces for her to pick up and eat but then she decided that was not fast enough and wanted to eat them on her own. She had five silver dollar pancakes and I think she would have kept going if we would have let her!

What are these things?

These are great!
When we were out running around on Saturday, Miss K decided that she wanted to try and drink out of Daddy's straw. Thank goodness she was not successful or she would have had her first taste of Diet Coke! They thought it would be funny to take a picture of this momentous event! :)

We had a wonderful time and can't wait for Mimzi and Pa to come back!

Everything else has been going really well here, but staying busy. Daniel is recuperating and, as far as I can tell, doing good. He is spending his daily time in the CPM machine and is halfway through his six weeks. I know he is getting ready to be able to go back to work but is really enjoying all of the daddy/daughter time that he is getting with Miss K.

I'm sorry it has been a full week since I have posted! I was really going to try to do better but we have been swamped at work, so this is what you get!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time for a bath

Miss K really, really loves her bath. Every time we walk into or by her bathroom she starts trying to look into the bathtub.

Last night I had to run some errands after work and was a little later than normal getting home. I was standing in the kitchen holding Kenna and talking to Daniel about the day when I asked if he would please go start the water so I could give Miss K her bath. He went and started the water while I walked toward the living room holding Kenna. All of the sudden, she started trying to get down to the floor. When I sat her down, she took off doing her little army crawl (she is so fast!) down the hall. By the time Daniel and I caught up with her, this is what we found...

She was ready! She made such a mess splashing last night...I was soaked but she was having a blast! She calmed down a little about the time we got the camera back out...is it possible she was a little camera shy? Not Kenna :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Pictures

Hope everyone had a great weekend...we sure did!

Daniel's sister, Sarah, and her family were in from Arkansas for the weekend, so we went up to his parents' house for dinner on Saturday. We got there early in the afternoon so that we could really hang out for a while and the guys could ride around on the 4-wheeler. I didn't think that Dan would actually ride, but he and Jon decided they would make it work. Jon would shift the gears and then Daniel would ride around with his leg propped up.....really smart, huh?

They had a great time being out on the beautiful afternoon before we all enjoyed some fajitas for dinner. Kenna Beth is in a 'mommy' phase right now and didn't want to be very social. She would play as long as I was right next to her or holding her. I'm not sure what is going on with that, but she doesn't even want to hang out with her daddy much. As soon as she sees me she starts crying and trying to get to me. I am just trying to take advantage of the extra snuggle time because I know that this will not last for long!!

Miss K got all dressed up in her football finery for the 'Big Game' today. She wanted to make sure that everyone knew she was a football fan.

She enjoyed watching the game tonight, and, even though she was up way past her bedtime, she just sat in my lap (with her paci and blankie) and watched the end of the game. I think football may be her favorite sport....for now! Now back to reality....