Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas "Trauma"

I know it has been several months since I have blogged.  So to get back in the swing of things, I thought I would post the two "traumatic" things that happened to my children this Christmas.

1)  When Santa visits my house, he always brings his presents unwrapped.  I know that some kids have wrapped gifts from Santa, but not us.  Of course, Kenna has been talking about Santa bringing her wrapped presents for weeks.   I didn't want her to be disappointed on Christmas morning, so the night before, Daniel and I were reminding her that Santa was not going to bring wrapped gifts.  Here is the conversation that followed.....

Daniel:  Kenna, you know that Santa is not going to bring wrapped presents, right?
Kenna:  Why?
D: Well, Santa and the elves have been very busy and may not have time to wrap everything.
K:  Why? (If you can't tell, this is her favorite word)
D:  Well, because the economy right now is not very good.
K:  Huh? (by this point, I am shaking because I am laughing so hard)
D:  Santa has had to lay off some elves because the economy has been so bad.  He isn't going to have time to wrap everyone's gifts.
K:  Is that funny?  Why is Mommy laughing?
D:  No, it is not funny, there are a lot of elves looking for work right now.
Kenna at this point turns to me and grabs my cheeks so that she is looking me straight in the eye.
K: Mommy, it is not funny, there are a lot of elves looking for work!

Poor kid is going to be traumatized when she thinks about elves!!

2)  I don't think this picture needs any explanation....it speaks for itself!
My poor children!  :)  I promise that my next post will have all of their fun Christmas memories!!