Thursday, July 31, 2008

Round Two

Last summer, for my grandmother's 80th birthday, we had a family celebration in Big D. Apparently everyone had so much fun that we are going for round two this weekend. Should be lots of shopping and pool fun. Can't wait until everyone gets here!!

Stay tuned for pics!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hurricane Harbor

Yes, we went to Hurricane Harbor with a three month old...more about that later...

Thursday night, two of my sister's friends (and one baby) from Lubbock got to my house just in time for bed. I got up and went to work on Friday while they took care of Kenna. We met up at lunch and then hit the outlet mall...we had some shopping to do. I actually didn't buy that much, but Miss K did get a new dress. It is amazing to me how much more fun it is to shop for Kenna than for myself!! :) We left the outlet mall and headed to the Cheesecake Factory - yummy! And nobody even ordered cheesecake! We then went back home to feed the girls and get stuff ready for our Saturday adventure.

All of the spouses plus another couple arrived on Friday night. Counting my family, that was a total of ten adults and three girls under nine months under my roof. What fun!!

Saturday morning we loaded up the cars and headed to Hurricane Harbor. We wanted to get there early (when it opened) so maybe it would not be too crowded. We actually met another couple from Lubbock there as well.

This is why we went early - this is right before we left so it had gotten incredibly more crowded then it was when we got there at 10:30.
We all chipped in and rented a cabana. It worked out great for all the kiddos. We had a covered tent area with a large fan inside and they kept us stocked on ice and water. It was really nice to have a shaded, somewhat cool (I mean it was over one hundred yesterday) place to keep all of our stuff. We also got to spend some time people watching at the wave pool.
Kenna was still sleeping when we got to Hurricane Harbor so she got to finish her morning nap in her stroller with a fan just for her.

Once she woke up and ate, she was ready to hit the water! We found some floating swimsuits to use in the lazy river. She loved the lazy river. She would just kick and kick while we floated along. Of course, her daddy never let go so we never really tested how well the suit worked. We just wanted to have something extra to hold on to!!
Lathered in sunscreen and ready to go....
When lunchtime rolled around, we all headed out to the cars where we had coolers full of sandwich stuff stashed. It was nice to just sit in the shade and some AC while we ate.
We took advantage of the air conditioning in the cars so the girls could sleep. Kenna was sacked out. We stripped them down to their diapers so they could cool off a little bit.
It also appears that Miss K has officially found her thumb. Apparently (unbeknownst to me) she has done this a few times before...we'll have to see what happens with that!
After lunch, we put the girls back in their real swimsuits and hats and headed over to the kiddie area. They have a ride (for adults) where you can try to surf and all of the girls could sit in the shallow water (it is about 1-2 feet deep) and watch the guys attempt to surf.
Miss K and Abbye really enjoyed their little floats. Kenna's feet don't touch the bottom, obviously, and she would just kick and kick. I pretty much just sat on the bottom and kept her and her turtle floatie from floating away!

I L-O-V-E this picture...
Abbye and Kenna playing bumper floats
By the time we were ready to go home (about 5) the girls were completely worn out. They slept all the way home without making a sound and then slept for a little longer once we got there. We were really proud of them all...they did GREAT!! I don't think anybody ever threw a fit...
We let them sleep while we got hamburgers ready for supper and then we bathed them, fed them, let them play for just a little while, and then put them down for the night. I don't know who slept better last night...the babies or the adults!!
The group from Lubbock got up this morning and headed back west. They went to church with some college friends in Grapevine and then stopped at Cabela's before heading out. We had a blast with everyone and can't wait for them to come back. They even started laundry (sheets and towels) before they left!!
Kenna napped all through church this morning, but she woke up long enough to play with her Aunt Mercy at lunch!

And now, Miss K is back asleep. I guess we completely wore her out! I wonder how well she will sleep tonight..... :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

House full of fun

Dan, Kenna, and I have got to spend the week with some of my family here. My mom, grandmother, sister, and niece got here Monday night to spend some time with Miss K while I went to work and Daniel got to do some stuff around the house. Abbye and Kenna have had a lot of fun together and have spent a lot of time on the play mat together.

Kenna seemed to have a little more energy than Abbye the other night. (Of course, Miss K had an afternoon nap and A did not.) Kenna still wanted to play but Abbye just wanted to snooze.

We eventuallywanted to wake Abbye so we could feed her, but she was having none of that!
Gran had so much fun and tried to keep both babies in her arms as much as possible!
More play time...
Abbye made herself comfortable on the Boppy... she loves to arch her back and throw her arms back.

Here are a couple of videos Daniel made yesterday of the girls playing...I think they mostly just stared at him.

Mom and Gran left yesterday but Amy and Abbye are still here for a few more days. Amy's friends are headed this way to spend the weekend doing some shopping and such in Big D. They are all staying at my house so we should have some more stories and pictures soon!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Car Seat Blowout

This is what happens when your normally very regular (2-3 times a day) daughter goes almost three days without a dirty have a massive blowout and everything gets stripped down to be cleaned...daughter included.

Daniel and Kenna went to visit his parents today and Miss K decided to empty everything out when they were almost home. By the time I got home from work, Daniel already had it all cleaned up and drying outside. We (maybe I should say he) had to take the car seat completely apart and then I had to go get the base out of the car and clean it up as well. Hopefully that won't ever happen again. Poor baby, no wonder she has been acting like her tummy hurt - she is pretty happy now!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kenna and the firefly

My dad asked me last night if my computer was broken...sorry I haven't posted any pics of Miss K in awhile! I don't even know why it has taken this long to update.

Kenna has just recently gotten to where she like to play with her toys. She has laid on the play mat and tried to hit the things hanging down but has never really been interested in anything other than that. Last night, she discovered how much fun her toys can be. The wings on the little firefly crinkle when you move them and she just thought that was so much fun. The tummy will light up also but Kenna hasn't exactly figured out how to make that happen. She also loved being propped up on the boppy...she could see so much better. We had a praise baby dvd playing and she would occassionally look up and then turn her attention back to the toys.
Once she got tired of the boppy, she still didn't want to give up the firefly so we sat her up in the bumbo (so many interesting names for baby gear these days) and let her play some more.
Of course, she eventually wanted to taste the firefly...everything is going in her mouth these days!
The end of a yawn...time to take a little nap!

Miss K is so close to rolling over. She can make it from her back to her side but then she gets stuck. Apparently she and her daddy are practicing during the day. Hopefully we will have pictures of a succesful attempt soon.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthday Weekend Pics

Kenna and I had a great trip to Muleshoe this past weekend. My grandfather was very surprised that everyone was there to celebrate his birthday. We had a big dinner Saturday night with family and friends. Kenna even signed her own card for her PaPa before we left on Friday. (She grabbed hold of the pen herself and then we moved the card seemed to work well) Saturday morning Abbye and Kenna dressed in their A&M onesies before we went to MaMa and PaPa's house to visit. They were just talking and talking to each other but stopped as soon as we started videoing.
Kenna and Abbye with the birthday boy.
Saturday night we took a picture of my grandfather and his granddaughters - Twyla, me, Amy
Kenna and Papa seemed to have a good conversation.
PaPa and two of his sisters
Twyla's son Lane found Kenna's bow and decided to try it on. Won't this make a great photo for a wedding video?!? Kenna is in the background making sure he does not run off with it forever!

My aunt and uncle Lary and Wanda were on the same flight as us yesterday and they were a lot of help. It is so much easier to get through an airport when you have other people around!
Kenna was so tired when we got home from her traveling weekend that she fell asleep an hour and a half earlier than normal. She just could not stay awake!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday PaPa!

Today is my grandfather's 80th birthday!

Kenna and I flew into Muleshoe yesterday so that we could be part of the celebration. We are having a big family dinner tonight at my grandparents' house. PaPa's two sisters flew in for a surprise - one from AZ and one from AR - and I think he was pleasantly surprised. It should be fun and I will post pictures once the party actually gets here.

Kenna and Abbye are already having fun together. We dressed them in matching A&M outfits and they have just been talking and talking to each other. They are both smiling a lot and love to laugh. We sure have gotten to spend a lot of time together recently and there is a lot more to come...should be fun!!

Happy Birthday PaPa

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baby nails

I have discovered my absolute least favorite thing about being a mom.

I can handle poopy diapers and spit up without a problem.

I HATE cutting Miss K's fingernails.

Her nails are so tiny and she just cannot sit still. And of course you cannot reason with a three month old, but I sure try! :) I think the other reason I dislike it so much is because of her mad little cry when I accidentally catch part of her skin or get the nail too short, which fortunately has not happened too many times. I definitely procrastinate when it comes to cutting her nails.

Anybody know of where I can get regular manicures for a three month old?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Laughing Baby

Kenna has officially laughed!!

For quite a while now, she has had a little squeak associated with a big grin when she wanted to laugh at something. Today she finally got a real laugh to come out instead of the squeak and we absolutely loved it! Miss K just loves playing with her daddy. She was really laughing at the beginning, but by the time I grabbed the camera, she had reverted back to more of a half-laugh with an occasional squeak. We can't wait to see more of her big smile and belly laugh! I can't believe she is already three months old!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday Fun

Kenna woke up in the best mood this morning. After she had her bottle, she was ready to show off that grin.

Daniel and I got to get a lot of work done around the house this morning. He worked on sealing all the grout and the countertops while I went through some of Kenna's clothes. I cannot believe that it is already time to pack some things away! When we brought her home from the hospital, she wore a preemie looked so tiny this morning! It was nice to clean out some of her drawers and replace it with things that she can actually wear, but it was hard to believe that she had already grown so much.

After working this moring, we decided to go to the pool. This is how Kenna's second trip to the pool started. It was SOOOO much better. We went over right about nap time and fixed her her own little tent. She was completely content and slept for over an hour and a half while mommy and daddy got to take turns swimming. It was great! Once she woke up, she was ready for her turn in the pool. Miss K wasn't sure what to think at first but she quickly adjusted and totally relaxed.
She kept pulling her legs up out of the water until she adjusted to the cooler temperature.
We had to go get her glasses and her hat and then she was truly a sun-bathing diva. She was having a blast! She just kept grinnin' and chillin' (and sticking her hand in her mouth...)
She even had lots of kids to play with. Once we quit taking pictures, they all came up to play with the baby in the water.
I may have just missed them but I really need to find some swim diapers in size ones. The smallest I saw the other day at Target was a size three! When we finally got home and put Kenna in the bath tub, I think the diaper weighed more than she did because of all the water it had absorbed! We will definitely have to go swimming again soon...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

Dan had to work today, so Kenna and I decided to go visit. Of course we had to take more pictures at the fire station!!
Family portrait with the fire engine
Some kisses from daddy
Miss K even got to have dinner with her daddy.
When we got home from the station, Kenna had to play with her favorite red bird. Isn't that grin the cutest!?! (sorry for the weird angle)

Last weekend when we were at my grandmother's, I got a pedicure and they painted my toes to look like flags. I just thought they looked fun and were appropriate for the holiday weekend. They are also a great excuse to "have" to go get another pedicure!! :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful, safe Fourth of July!!