Monday, September 26, 2011

I Wanna Be Like......

 I don't think Dane really knows who he wants to be like.  He is wearing Kenna's necklace, Daniel's shirt, and my shoes.  Imitation is the most sincere sort of flattery, right? :)

(Please forgive his "tousled" bed head and pajamas.  We were about to get ready for church.)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Patiently Waiting

Dane is completely infatuated with phones these days.  Two of the few words that you can understand when he is talking are "hi" and "bye".  Sometimes he will even throw in a "hewwo."  He has a Fisher-Price phone but he prefers to play with the old cell phones that we have had lying around.  A boy can always use a phone (or three), right?

And if you decide that you need to make a call, you can just place the other two phones on the floor and dial the phone that you would like to use at that point in time.  I wonder where he gets his phone love from? (haha)

While Kenna does enjoy talking on the real phone, she would much prefer to play with her kitchen as opposed to a toy phone.  The only problem is that she (with a little help from her brother) feels that she needs to have all of her food, pots, pans, utensils, etc, at her disposal while she is cooking.  She doesn't exactly clean as she goes! :)

 But she loves to bring me some yummy food to taste!

Just had to throw this last picture in for fun.  A few days ago, Kenna was wanting to do something (I can't even remember what now) and I told her that she had to wait until Dane went to bed.  She asked me how long it would be until Dane was asleep and I told her that she needed to wait about 10 minutes.  She was really concerned because she doesn't know exactly how long 10 min would be and wanted me to set the timer on the microwave so that she would know when it had been 10 min.  She proceeded to pull up her chair and stare at the timer until it buzzed.  She did not want him to stay up any longer those exact 10 min...I guess she was really ready for him to go to bed!

 At least she was patiently waiting!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Picture Post

I was going through some recent pictures the other day, trying to decide which ones to print, and found these that I have never posted.  Just thought I would do a catch-up picture post!
Dane still loves his slide and plays on it E.V.E.R.Y day.  I love his little grin in this picture!

Daners has decided that he is big enough to feed himself and he does not need any help.  How well do you think that is working out for him?  Sister K decided they needed beefaroni for dinner and then he decided he needed to do it himself....this is the outcome!

She fared a little better. :)

What kid doesn't love to vacuum!?!  This is one toy that regularly requires some referee-ing....both kids are always wanting it!

Of course, Dane also  likes to take it apart and use the dust buster.  The only problem is that he uses it as a phone instead of a vacuum.  I just missed him having it up on his ear "talking" into the side.  EVERYTHING is a phone and gets his really cute "hewwo"

Kenna was SOOOOO proud of herself the other day for picking out her own clothes.  Daniel said that she got really excited that she found some shorts that matched every color in her shirt!  She told me all about it on the phone (I was at work) and even made sure to list all of the colored dots that had a matching colored stripe.  Lots of brightness!  She is also working on her 'fake" smile that she refers to as her "good smile" :)

I sure do love these two kids....they keep everything lively around here!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spontaneous Road Trip

In general, I am not a very spontaneous person.  I really like to have things planned and organized and very rarely do I do anything on the spur of the moment. Boring, I know! :)  But this past Thursday night, I decided to break out of my comfort zone.  Daniel was going to work two of the days of the holiday weekend so the kids and I took off and drove to Muleshoe on Friday when I got off work.  Even though my children did not sleep in the car (as usual), they were GREAT travelers!  They just talked, sang, watched movies, was wonderful!  We had a blast just hanging out with the family and doing nothing.  Abbye came to play for a few days as well and the girls had a lot of fun together.
Poppy reading a bed time story.....they look pretty comfortable, don't they?
This is what happens when you have really cute, curly hair that your mother hasn't let anyone cut yet and your Aunt is a hair stylist....she couldn't help herself!  Blame Kyla! :)
The new way to swing?
This is how you know your uncle Cade and aunt Kyla love you....they play on the slides with you!
Kenna loved ending the day everyday with her "friend Abbye"...getting all cozy and watching Mickey Mouse in Poppy and Mimzi's bed (before they got kicked out to their own)

 Not a bad way to spend the holiday weekend!  Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us crash at your house for the weekend!